TAR /2863
 TAR /3073
 TAR /2885
 TAR /3070
 TAR /3074
 Sentinel (Herald)
 Sentinel (Samurai)
 Sentinel (Viper)
 Sentinel (Holographic)
 False Triangles
 Wax on Paper on Silver on Paper
 A Soft and Hard Light
 A Nearly Perfect Replication
 Binary For A Multi-Verse
 Hovering Planes
 Hyper Cube
 False Cylinder, False Triangle
 Alphabet II
 Alphabet I
 A Framework To Better Understand Qualities Of Time
 Illustration for String Theory
 A Curious Response by a Deer
 Dave and Kristina I & II
 Reflecting Pool
 Chalk on slate I, II, III
 Mirror And Shadow
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