R A I N   S H A D O W   F O R A G E

Gritty, intense work is required to rehabilitate Earth’s forests and growing soils.

Work that, when seen through an uneducated eye, appears oddly similar to the clearcutting methodologies which have initially compromised the functioning health of our planet’s ecosystems.

Informed by centuries-old indigenous land practices and modern day lab testing, environmentally concerned organizations are urgently working together with scientists across the nation toward building models of sustainable forestry practices and soil rejuvenation techniques.  

This selection of photographs depicts Rain Shadow Consulting and Forage Media returning a section of forest to a pre-clearcut tree density required for a new "old" growth system to flourish while simultaneously harvesting slash (wooden material left behind after a cut, traditionally seen as having little to no economic value) for the production of bio-char. 

Incorporating bio-char into carbon depleted agricultural soils facilitates larger yields of nutritionally dense food while also sequestering carbon from our atmosphere.